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Don't Get Stuck Paying For A Car You No Longer Drive

Buying a new vehicle can be very exciting. I remember purchasing my first brand new vehicle. Ahh, that new car smell. Today the average new car costs about $36,000. According to a recent report, the average...

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Important New Homeowners Coverage Announcement

Schatz Insurance is happy to let you, our valued customers, know about an important new coverage being offered through several of our great insurance companies....

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Moves to Make If You Want to Age in Place

“You’re not going anywhere.” That’s what you can tell friends and family who insist that you check into a nursing home or assisted living facility as you advance into your golden years. Aging in place is the new trend...

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Make sure you’re prepared to deal with your icy driveway

Here in Wisconsin, the weather is consistently throwing us for a loop. Anticipating snow and ice is something we all should do. If you’re looking to avoid an icy driveway this winter, or you’re curious about when and...

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5 Tips to keep pipes from freezing this winter

Extreme cold temperatures put your home or business at risk for frozen pipes. As water freezes, it expands and puts pressure on pipes. When there’s too much pressure on pipes, they burst. Most times, the areas you...

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Hard Decisions: Helping A Senior With Their Finances After A Loss

Photo via Pixabay by Silviarita When a senior loved one loses someone they’re close to -- a partner or spouse, for instance -- it can be difficult for them to make important financial decisions that will impact their...

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