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Top 5 Fire Safe Metros in the Midwest

Homeowners in certain areas are just more conscientious about fire-safety than others. We've ranked the Midwest region's biggest metros by their residential fire risk, preparedness and response time to fires. From...

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Time for a Home System Check? Pt. 2

We fill our homes with gadgets and systems to make life easier and safer. Some are conveniences. Some are necessities. All add to our quality of life. But they also need attention and maintenance so that they don't...

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Time for a Home System Check?

Did you hear that? Whether you’re a newlywed in a century-old Tudor or a retiree in a new condo, you’re subject to the sound of that thing that goes bump in the night. You only wish it was just a goblin. Is that the...

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Protect Yourself from Auto Theft and Fraud

There's nothing I like better during the heat of summer than a trip to the beach or the lake to cool off. But it's tough to take that weekend trip if car thieves have struck and left your driveway empty. Before you...

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Life Insurance for Seniors

If you search for life insurance for seniors or just "life insurance" and include qualifiers that include words like "senior", "over 65", "mature", "elder" or "retired", you will likely be given multiple selections for...

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