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Umbrella Story

I Just Bought a New Car. What Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Congratulations! After weeks of research, comparing makes and models, and taking test drives you finally bought that brand-new car you wanted. But before you take that well-deserved road trip, check one more item off...

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Here is some information from Society Insurance:Given the fact that COVID-19 has reached pandemic status, and some states have taken steps to limit operations of certain businesses, I wanted to provide some guidance on...

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When Roadside Assistance Isn’t Enough

If you’ve ever been stuck on the side of the highway with an RV issue, you know what a life saver roadside assistance can be. Whether you need a battery charged, a tire changed, or a tow you’re often back on the road in...

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How to Protect Your Classic Car

The collector car market evolves with each generation. While the Silent Generation started collecting cars, it was Baby Boomers who really got it rolling. They fell in love with the Chevrolet Bel Air, the Ford Mustang,...

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Five Tips to (Finally) Get your Garage Organized

There’s perhaps no organizing task more daunting than the garage-it’s often the dumping ground for the stuff that has no other place in the house, or the things you don’t use but just can’t bring yourself to toss. How...

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14 Tips to keep your family and pets safe from the summer heat

As summer temperatures begin to rise, keeping your family and pets safe should be your top priority. If you live in a climate that experiences snow and cold temperatures, the summer heat is usually welcomed. However,...

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How to Make Your Family Vacation a Great One

Summer is here, which means it’s time to think about family vacations! (If you haven’t been thinking about them all year, that is.) The family part of family vacations, however, can make things a little complicated....

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The Ultimate Financial Checklist For New Parents

The Ultimate Financial Checklist For New Parents Becoming a new parent is both a happy and overwhelming experience. Up until now, you and your spouse or partner only had to think of yourselves, but now there’s a new...

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How are your fence, deck, and swimming pool covered when Mother Nature damages them?

Warm spring days are a nice preview of what’s to come as we approach summer. However, spring weather is also very unpredictable. Temperatures fluctuate between warm and cool. A stretch of nice sunny days can be...

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